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Chronic UTI Australia Incorporated is the only national patient organisation advocating for people with urinary tract infections (UTIs). From a modest start as a patient information website in 2017, the organisation was formally established in 2019 to represent the growing number of people in Australia who are suffering because they are failed by current UTI diagnostic and antibiotic treatment guidelines. Although a not-for-profit organisation of our size is not required to produce an annual report, we have opted to be completely transparent with our activities and to establish trust and confidence with people in our community who we represent.

Inaugural Annual Report 2019/2020

Executive Summary

UTI is a common bacterial infection that at least half of all women will experience at some point in their life. For around a third of these women, UTIs continue to be a problem and some develop into a debilitating chronic health condition that can negatively impact all aspects of life.


The cost of UTIs to the Australian health economy is $909 million each year. This is estimated to reach $1.6 billion within the next decade. As we witness common bacterial infections become increasingly deadly, it is imperative that we put UTIs on Australia’s public health agenda.


Chronic UTI Australia understands the urgency of addressing these issues and is working from a patient perspective to raise awareness and provide vital information to people suffering ongoing UTI problems (and their families and carers); to share relevant, up-to-date information with the medical community; and to connect with Australian and international UTI research groups.


Being a non-industry and non-government funded organisation, Chronic UTI Australia faces many challenges and relies totally on the generosity of volunteers who are passionate about changing the current trajectory of UTI. One of our greatest challenges to date is reluctance from medical authorities to accept the role outdated diagnostic and treatment guidelines play in this growing health problem.


Although these challenges may seem insurmountable for a newly established volunteer-run organisation, we look to successful advocacy organisations, such as Endometriosis Australia. This organisation has completely transformed the outlook for people who suffer from another debilitating and traditionally neglected health condition.


Chronic UTI Australia’s concerns, plans and early achievements are outlined in this report. Our future success depends heavily on funding and ongoing volunteer help from our immediate community and those who realise the importance of achieving our goals.


“Although it is disheartening to see the ever-expanding number of people seeking help and information about this condition, it reinforces just how necessary it is to have an advocacy organisation speaking on behalf of those affected.”  Imelda Wilde, Chronic UTI Australia Chairperson


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Chronic UTI Australia Inaugural Annual Report 2019 2020

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