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This private page shares resources to help with your research and to connect you with the expanding chronic UTI global network.  Please read through this information carefully.  The people who have most success accessing treatment for chronic UTI are proactive in learning about chronic UTI before approaching a trusted medical practitioner.  We can not stress how important it is to do your best to understand chronic UTI and the serious problems we face with UTI testing and treatment guidelines.

Some Important Information First

If you are experiencing distress or negative thoughts relating to your health condition, we encourage you to seek support from family, friends, a trusted health professional or other familiar supports. If you are in crisis, please contact Lifeline Australia on 13 11 14Beyond Blue on 1300 22 4636, the national Suicide Callback Service on 1300 659 467, or the relevant mental health support organisation in your country.

Find an Online Support and Information Group

Online information and support groups can be great places to connect with others, share information and experiences and give and receive support.  Not everyone has the same needs or expectations of a support/information group, so we have listed a number of groups for you to explore.   The main benefit of online chat groups is they allow you to connect with other sufferers who are being treated, or who are researching their treatment options, for chronic UTI.  They also share information that will assist in your understanding of chronic UTI and what steps are involved in finding a doctor who can diagnose and treat your condition.  Please do you own research to make sure any of these groups are a right fit for you.  You can also do a search on Facebook to see what else is available.


Chronic and Recurrent UTI Chat Group (Australia and New Zealand

This is a ‘private’ group that accepts residents of Australia and New Zealand only.  The group provides a space to share information and support. This is a group for women and men.


Embedded/Chronic UTI Support Group 

This is a large ‘private’ group that is UK-based with many international members.  The group provides a space to share information and support.  This is a group for women and men.


Long-Term Antibiotic Support for Chronic/Embedded UTI

This is a ‘private’ US-based support group that provides information and support for people in the US.  The group accepts international members.


Chronic UTI Women’s Support Group

Men and Women’s Chronic UTI Support Group

Support Group for UTIs in Children

The above three ‘private’ groups are run by the UK-based patient advocacy organisation ‘Chronic Urinary Tract Infection Campaign’ or CUTIC UK.   The first group was established in 2013 and there are many members with good knowledge and experience.


Everyday Wellness Support Group – Stop UTI Forever 

This is a large ‘private’ group that focuses mostly on sharing experiences with natural UTI therapies.


Investigation of Chronic Bladder Infection

This is a ‘private’ discussion group consisting of patients, medical practitioners and microbiologists/research scientists.  The focus on the group is discussing research and information.


Treatment by Ruth Kriz 

This is a small ‘private’ support group only for people previously treated by Ruth Kriz.


Vaginal Atrophy Group

This is a ‘private’ UK-based information and support group for people who have been diagnosed with vaginal atrophy [VA].  Many members have been diagnosed with chronic UTI and VA.

Please be aware that mostly members in these group are not medically trained or qualified and they do not offer medical advice.  Online support and information groups are not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified healthcare professional. Members within the groups share and discuss their own experiences and research in good faith. You are encouraged to make your own healthcare decisions based upon your own research and in partnership with a qualified healthcare professional.

Important Pages to Read to Learn the Basics

We know you have looked through our website already, but we would like to draw your attention back to some important pages that will help you grasp the basics (click to access).

Articles to Share with your Doctor

We have many relevant research papers in our Resources section, but we have selected a few useful papers to share with your medical practitioner.


  1. Confronting the urinalysis tyrant – BJGP Life, March 2021
  2. Recalcitrant chronic bladder pain and recurrent cystitis but negative urinalysis: What should we do? International Urogynecology Journal, March 2018 (accessed 52,000 times)
  3. Cross-over data supporting long-term antibiotic treatment in patients with painful lower urinary tract symptoms, pyuria and negative urinalysis – International Urogynecology Journal, March 2019
  4. Urinary Infections are complex and hard to treat – The BMJ, November 2017
  5. Chronic UTI Picture Commentary
  6. Is it time to rethink midstream urine culture for UTI diagnosis? – News GP (RACGP), June 2019

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Our News page lists chronic UTI articles from Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States dating back several years.  We have selected a handful of recent articles that might interest you.  It might also help to share some with your medical practitioner.


Explore other Helpful Websites

Chronic UTI information online has been growing over the past few years.  We’re so glad you found our website while on your search.  We think it might also help to visit some other websites that share information about chronic UTI.


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