Australian Interview with Professor James Malone-Lee

Professor James Malone-Lee's Australian interview 2021

Australian Interview with Professor James Malone-Lee

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We are thrilled to release our 2021 Australian-exclusive interview with Professor James Malone-Lee discussing chronic urinary tract infection (UTI).  Professor Malone-Lee has nearly four decades of experience researching UTI and treating thousands of patients with bladder conditions.  He shares information from his book Cystitis Unmasked in response to questions from an all-Australian panel featuring urologist Dr Anita Clarke, pelvic physiotherapist Alyssa Tait, chronic UTI patient representative Melinda Brown and Chronic UTI Australia’s chairperson, Imelda Wilde.  Read more below from Imelda about the interview.

About the Australian interview with Professor Malone-Lee

There was a lot to do in the lead up to our international interview with Professor James Malone-Lee, the world-renowned urinary tract infection (UTI) researcher, clinician and author of Cystitis Unmasked.  There were a few moments where I felt pretty nervous about the whole thing. What if I messed up the recording? What if I got the timing all wrong? But my excitement at seeing all our wonderful participants ready to go on the night helped me overcome all these fears and it all went well. The incredible thing about pushing yourself to do unfamiliar things is how familiar they seem immediately after doing them.

Why this interview is important viewing

Our aim in doing this important chronic UTI interview is to broaden awareness of UTI, notably chronic UTIs which are poorly understood and tricky to diagnose based on current testing. We hope that doctors will take an interest in listening to Professor Malone-Lee share his decades of experience in the field. The first step is for us to understand more about this complex condition. It’s only from a position of understanding that we can improve patient outcomes.  And from the daily contact we have from desperate patients seeking help, we know that outcomes need to be improved.

So dear readers and viewers, we hope you enjoy the interview, we hope you read the book Cystitis Unmasked*, and above all, we hope you—and our doctors—find the courage to challenge current testing and treatment for UTI.  We know that even when science wholeheartedly supports it, it takes courage to resist an established system.

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