Chronic UTI Quality of Life Survey

Chronic UTI Quality of Life Survey

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Chronic UTI Australia will shortly launch ‘Hearing Patient Voices’—a confidential online survey of people who have been diagnosed with a chronic urinary tract infection (UTI) or who suspect they have a chronic UTI.  The survey is designed to capture the quality of life impacts of the condition on various domains of life and is open to people from all countries.  Participating in this survey will strengthen our understanding of patients’ experiences and contribute greatly to our work in raising awareness and recognition of chronic UTI among health professionals and policy makers.  Read more about the ‘Hearing Patient Voices’ survey here.

About the Survey

The ‘Hearing Patient Voices’ survey is a first-of-its-kind, capturing novel information about the impacts of chronic UTI on the individual, and the potential costs to the health system (for example, because of medical visits, diagnostic tests, surgical procedures and UTI related hospital admissions) and society in general (loss of productivity).

Chronic UTI is under-researched and poorly recognised and understood by health professional and policy makers. The voices of people affected by this condition are critical to overturning the longstanding neglect of this increasing public health problem. The contribution of every person who participates in our survey will strengthen our understanding of patients’ experiences.

We need as many patients as possible to complete the survey to ensure that it provides robust data on the quality of life and broader impacts of chronic UTI. The larger the sample size, the more credibility our research will have in the eyes of those who have the power to improve UTI testing and treatment for the benefit of current and future patients.

How to Register

People who register to participate will be emailed a link to an online questionnaire.  You can register for the survey here.

More Information and Contacts

Further information about the survey is available here.

Deirdre Pinto, Secretary of Chronic UTI Australia, is leading the survey. Please contact Deirdre at or on +61 400 021 962 if you have any questions or comments.

Chronic UTI Australia has received funding for the survey from Community Underwriting, We have commissioned a professional survey research company, Websurvey, to help develop the survey and to host it on a secure online portal.

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